Monday, February 07, 2011

America is NOT "metal"

When did it become not cool to be "metal"? When did it become not cool to wear whatever you want and not worry about what other people think? When did it become not cool to be kick ass?

"Cool" (from wikipedia)- admired aesthetic of attitude, behavior, comportment, appearance and style, influenced by and a product of the Zeitgeist.

"Zeitgeist' - the general cultural, intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and/or political climate within a nation or even specific groups, along with the general ambiance, morals, sociocultural direction, and mood associated with an era.

Okay so being "metal" is not cool. But who wants to be cool when being "cool" means meeting the above statements. Influenced by and a product of culture? No thank you. Im not gonna get specific and start a philosophical debate...because I dont care about that shit. Just read the list below.

"America" thinks the following things are cool

1. Rap
2. Boys who look like girls
3. Meaningless Art
4. Paris Hilton Syndrome - aka people getting famous for doing nothing but existing and being a trainwreck of a person.
5. Vain, pointless poetry mixed with sex, money and fashion (Lady Gaga)
6. The pursuit of things.
7. eBooks

America does NOT think the follow things are cool anymore

1. Music with instruments
2. People that can chop wood, build houses, fix cars, shoot guns, kill wild beast.
3. Books
4. clothes that fit properly
5. smart people

America is not metal. America is pop...lets change this.

Help make America more metal
...and stop watching Glee.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Things that SUCK and things that DONT

You heard me.


1. Hash code

2. Chillwave

3. Too much reverb / delay

4. Too little reverb / delay

5. Winter

6. making beats

7. white people rapping

8. Kanye West

9. Expensive beer

10. bands that dont sell CDs

11. Facebook

12. over singing your shit

13. dogs

14. Big Cities


1. Facebook

2. Cheap beer

3. Singing your shit

4. Macs AND PCs (tolerate that shit)

5. cats

6. being an omnivore

7. VW

8. Dayton music

9. Small towns

10. Not caring

11. bands that sell CDs and other shit too

Personal Freedom

Every day I get on Facebook (say what you will). And I love to see that still some of my "friends" are passionate and even excited about politics, religion, art, and blah blah blah. I think those things are important and I don't think they are important. I realized this a while back and have had a hard time explaining it to people. Mostly, when thinking of "how life works", people see other people make paths for themselves and say "Well, I guess I have a lot of options". The only problem is that you can make your own options and there is nothing wrong with that.

I believe a few things. Almost no one agrees with me. It is this way for a lot of people and they do not even realize it, but a large percentage of people in specific groups believe the same doctrine, books, people, churches, and thats what makes them a (insert denomination). The only problem with this is that the world has existed for a LONG time and you only last a few measly years, so how can you live with picking someone else's beliefs as your own and not changes a few things because you did a little research and chose a different path? I'm not really condemning church goers or Catholics or anyone really. I am simply asking a question. Answer to yourself.

Now, why its important and why it is not?
People exist. No one tells people what to do, and the ones who try will only get their way if they yell louder than the other or punish them for not doing what they are told. This is how the world works right? Sure. So when it comes to social issues, you can be an outspoken activist, or a silent apathetic. So is one side right? Both right? Why does it matter? Should we hassle black people because they haven't put enough effort into protesting for the group rights of the Ku Klux Klan? Of course not. So does that mean that we should only be active in the causes that effect us, or just ones that we find "appropriate"? If you choose appropriate, I feel for you. The fact of the matter is that in order to be truly free, we must secure rights for people despite the fact that we disagree with them. Sound weird? Of course it does. It goes against everything you are told by the world. You want to hang a flag across your chest, well you better be cool with the other guy and his flag.

Here is my point, which is getting buried in bullshit. Maybe we should stop saying, "yeah I know _____ is a twat and he deserves to speak his mind like everyone else, BUT he needs to be stopped...legally stopped." Perhaps we should say, "He is a twat, and deserves to speak his mind" and just stop there. I really believe that principle.

People get praised for their compassion all the time, but only when it is shown to people that the the world thinks deserve it. Bummer. I just hope that in 2011 we can stop trying to make semi-smart one line picket signs, and start treating each other well. I dont care what you believe. I don't care if you disagree with me. I probably wont bother arguing with you about it because none of it matters to me.

Give not caring a chance. Be yourself and let everyone else do as they please.